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In 1950 Bruce Sloan set his sights on winning what was deemed the most valuable U.S. Army Corps of Engineers concessions on Lake Cumberland. A sportsman and a businessman in the stone and timber trade, Sloan had a vision for the property that would make it “more than a fishing camp.”

After winning the bid, he went to work on building Grider Hill’s lodge using elements of architect Frank Llyod Wright’s style and philosophy, mining stone and cutting timber from his own land. Recognizing the beauty and recreational value of the sparkling waters of Lake Cumberland, Sloan added a restaurant and cottages as close to the water’s edge and docks as possible, making sure that all were within walking distance of each other. Grider Hill Dock and Indian Creek Lodge & Restaurant opened to the public in 1951 under the management of Sloan and his family, where it remained for over 50 years.

Today, Jim Figuerado is at the helm of Grider Hill. An avid boater himself, Figuerado owns several other marinas in the South, and though carried in their locations and amenities, they are all operated under the principle of treating each and ever visitor as an honored guest, without exception.

Why Grider Hill Resort

Located in Southern Kentucky, Grider Hill Marina & Resort sits on the deepest and most scenic part of Lake Cumberland. The completion of the Wolf Creek Dam repair has brought water levels back to a beautiful level and Grider Hill boasts over a 100 foot drop from our docks, which makes for great fishing and boating.

Add to that the fact that within just 3 miles of our docks there are enough little coves and bays to afford our guests a sense of serenity and privacy even in the middle of a busy boating season. We are also the first to have our own second story dock set with tables for dining and enjoying the lake when we aren’t using it as a sound stage for an outdoor concert. Grider Hill Marina & Resort on Lake Cumberland really does have it all.

From our wood docks to our Lodge built with famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in mind, Grider Hill embodies the spirit of timeless tradition while providing the convenience of modern amenities. Whether it’s a quiet weekend getaway with the family or a fun-filled adventure with 20 of your closest friends we can provide you with everything you need to customize your perfect experience in a setting that is unmatched both in beauty and customer service.

As owner Jim Figuerado says, “It is our goal to treat every visitor to our marina as an honored guest in our home everyday, every time, without fail, no exceptions.” And that goes for Fido too. Here at Grider Hill Marina & Resort we realize that pets are family, so they are always welcome.



From the beginning, Grider Hill Marina had a plan to build the most convenient and finest MARINA-RESORT in Kentucky. So with an eye for taste and much attention to detail, Grider Hill was opened for business in the spring of 1951 under the leadership and ownership of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sloan and three of their sons. Today, Jim Figuerado is at the helm of Grider Hill. An avid boater himself, Figuerado owns several other marinas in the South, and though varied in their locations and amenities, they are all operated under the principle of treating each and every visitor as honored guest, without exception.

Grider Hill is situated in the most rugged mountainous part of Lake Cumberland. It is located closer to massive Wolf Creek Dam and 76 Falls than any other marina on the lake being only four miles from each. There are ten major streams that feed Indian Creek within 3 miles of the marina. When the Corps of Engineers dammed the Cumberland River in 1950, they created a boating and fishing paradise. Twisting like a Chinese Dragon, the jade green waters of Lake Cumberland coil beneath steep hills carpeted with conifer and hardwood forests. Even with hordes of weekend boats plying the main channel, the lake’s hundreds of twisting coves and inlets are nearly deserted.

The two-hundred fifty-eight foot tall Wolf Creek Dam impounds Lake Cumberland, which has a surface area of over 50,000 acres and is 101 miles long. And what a lake! Brimful of lively, scrappin’ fish, broad enough to take a thousand times as many boaters as will ever skim across it, rimmed by scores of coves and hollows along its 1,255 miles of shoreline, and sheltered by tree covered mountains that protect it from the weather’s worst, Lake Cumberland has made Kentucky’s Southern Cumberlands the ideal vacation region for all mid-America.

Local Attractions

Albany, Kentucky and Lake Cumberland Local Attractions

Scenic 76 Falls – A lovely park with a stream cascading over a high cliff into Lake Cumberland. Only 5 miles by water or road.

Wolf Creek Dam – At 258’ tall, Wolf Creek Dam impounds Lake Cumberland. Only 4 miles by water, it’s 14 miles by road.

National Fish Hatchery – Located below Wolf Creek Dam, the National Fish Hatchery provides rainbow and brown trout for stocking in Kentucky. There is a Visitor/Educational Center and tours of the hatchery available to the public as well as ADA Accessible fishing areas. 16 miles.

The Borderlands Civil War Interpretive Exhibit – The lands bordering the civil boundaries of Kentucky and Tennessee, and the surrounding lands of the Wolf and Obey Rivers became a political boundary between the Union and the Confederacy. The Borderlands Civil War Exhibit tells the story of their families and descendants through the Reconstruction of the Union. Nowhere in America was the phrase “Brother against Brother” more strongly felt. 22 miles.

Cordell Hull Birthplace Museum State Park – This state museum and park was created in honor of Cordell Hull, founder of the United Nations, longest serving Secretary of State and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for Peace. 23 miles.

Sgt. Alvin C. York Historical Park – Located in Pall Mall, Tennessee, off US-127 just south of the KY-TN state line, the park and museum pay tribute to Sgt. Alvin C. York, the park & museum pay tribute to Sgt. Alvin C York, the backwoods marksman from the mountains of Tennessee who became on of the most decorated soldiers of World War I. 28 miles.

Rockhouse Bottom or Creelsboro Natural Bridge – an immense natural limestone bridge that spans approximately 100 feet across, with the interior space standing at about 60 feet high. Located about 7 miles below the Wolf Creek Dam, Rockhouse is known by fly fisherman as a good place to go. 30 miles.

The Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails – Driving tours showcasing interesting places, exciting events, wonderful food and some of the states finest artisans, the trails are designed to provide an experience rich in local culture and scenic beauty. Explore quaint towns and rural byways, shop in artisan studios and enjoy the hospitality of regional restaurants.


Lake Cumberland is a man-made lake that spans 6 counties in Kentucky (Clinton, Laurel, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, and Wayne County). Its extensive shoreline measures over 1,200 miles and is spread over 65,530 acres. With a capacity of 6.1 million acre-feet of water, it ranks 9th in the US in size. At its longest point the lake measures over one mile wide.

Wikipedia names Lake Cumberland as the birthplace of houseboating in the USA, and some would argue it’s the houseboating capital of the world boasting over 1500 houseboats in all. No doubt in part to that distinction, Lake Cumberland ranks 4th in the United States in terms of number of visitor per hours.

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